Home & Garden Tools & Workshop Equipment Hand Tools Pry & Wrecking Bars
9" STAINLESS STEEL PRY BAR Set Nail Puller SCRAPER Heavy Duty Bars
MILWAUKEE 4 Piece Pry Bar Set 8" 12" 18" and 24" Lifetime Guarantee
Stiletto TICLW12 Titanium Claw Bar Nail Puller New
RAK Air Wedge Inflatable Pump Locksmith Car Door Pry Bar Tool *FAST USA SELLER*
4 Piece Mechanics Pry Bar Set 8" 12" 18" 24" Hi-VIS PVC Handles
Outdoor Home Solutions
But this additional time spent outside means more home & garden ... Repurpose Furniture – Turn old furniture pieces, such as old filing cabinets, into instant garage storage solutions. Take out the drawers of the cabinet and turn it on its side.
Between the Rows: Tool Time
I even usually wash my floors on my hands and knees. I have a regular spade and a short-handled garden spade, which are necessary when breaking sod or turning over a garden bed, or digging out a perennial for division. After that rough work is ...
The best tools for disabled gardeners
But I have realised that a lot of garden tools are already disabled-gardener friendly, with a little creative thinking and a few tweaks. The first product I tested was the SeedSava designed by engineer John Hoare to make his life easier.
Garden tools have a woman's touch
When Patricia Ann Taylor talks about her new line of ladies gardening tools, her mother is mentioned often, and wistfully. "One of the things my mother and I loved doing together was gardening," Taylor says of her mother, Annette, who died during the 1970s.
Ergonomic garden tools
Ergonomic garden tools, supposedly designed like a good office chair to work with the body’s natural mechanics, are said to reduce those aches and pains. A hand cultivator, for example, might be angled to work with your wrist and your shoulder relaxed.
Wilde 3pc Hard Cap Pry Bar Set Hammer Strike Handle 12" 17" 25" Made in USA
4pc Steel Heel Pry Bar Set 6" 13" 16 20" Aligning End Toe Crow Foot Rolling Head
Stiletto SSCLW12-2 12-Inch Stainless Steel Clawbar Nail Puller w/ Dimpler new
Crow Bar Pry 12" Metal Curved wrecking nail puller
(2) 6" & 9" STAINLESS STEEL PRY BAR Set Nail Puller SCRAPER Heavy Duty Bars
PALLET MONSTER Pallet Tool * Heavy Duty * *FAST FREE SHIPPING* Black
4 pc Nylon Pry Bar Set Automotive Dash Panel Plastic Trim Tool Molding Remover
Pry Bar Set,5 Pieces,Steel MAYHEW 61366
4 Pcs Nylon Pry Bar Set Automotive Plastic Molding Trim Dash Panel Remover Tool
Stealth Diggers Rogan USA Scout EDC tool Camp survival metal detecting pry bar
44" Pallet Buster Breaker Pallet Pry Bar Double Fork + Free 12.8" Nail Puller
4pc Steel Heel Pry Bar Set 6" 13" 16 20" Aligning End Toe Crow Foot Rolling Head
Klutch Pry Bar Set - 8-Pc.
4pc Heel Pry Bar 6", 13", 16", 20" inch Pointed Head Heavy Duty Crows Foot Set
Craftsman 3-pc Pry Bar Set Piece 43412232 - NEW!
NEW Craftsman 3 bar set- Pry Bars - High Carbon Steel MADE IN USA 12", 17" & 25"
Pry Bars,Die Separating Bar,30 In. L MAYHEW 41285
Craftsman 3 pc Pry Bar Set with Strike Cap 12", 17", 25" Heavy Lifting Moving
Milwaukee Pry Bar Set (4-Piece) 48-22-9214
Pry Bar 7.5" Mini Flat Steel inches crow puller wonder claw nail puller crowbar
Bent Tip Pry Bar 36" inch Jumbo Go-Through Automotive Breaker Pry Bar
4pc Mechanics Pry Bar Set Flat Nail Puller Heavy Duty CrowBar Lever LONG Steel
Stealth Diggers Mini Pry bar 5 inch EDC pocket tool Made in USA carbon steel
4pc Steel Heel Pry Bar Set 6" 13" 16 20" Aligning End Toe Crow Foot Rolling Head
NAPA 2 Pc. Indexing adjustable Pry Bar Set 10 Inch + 16 Inch 14 locking position
New 4 Piece Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set Life Time Warranty
Stanley 10 in. L Pry Bar - Nail Puller, 55-126
Steel Pallet Buster Pallet Pry Bar Fork Deck Wrecker Board Crowbar Tool Handle
New 8-1/2" V Tip Nail Staple Rivet Tack Puller Remover Screwdriver Tool
Pallet Tool - Pallet Buster - Pry bar - Demolition bar Deck removal
Pittsburgh 4 Piece Automotive Pry Bar Set Handle Heavy Duty 8'' 12'' 18''& 24''
5 Piece Pry Bar Set Mechanic Bars Rolling Head High Leverage Tekton 3350
4 - PC Nylon Pry Bar Set Automotive Plastic Molding Trim Dash Panel Remover Tool
44" Pallet Buster Breaker Pry Bar with Handle + Nail Puller Dismantling Tool Set
Pry Bar Set Tool Puller Crow Mini Hand Piece Heavy Duty Chisel Forged Angle Tip
Pry Bars,Die Separating Bar,18 In. L MAYHEW 41280
GearWrench 3-Piece Indexing Pry Bar Set 82301 New
30" x 7/8" Chrome Carbon Steel Rounded Alignment Pry Bar
FastCap Knuckle Bender 3 in 1 Simple Door Adjuster
Pinch Bars,Connecting Bar,24 In. L KLEIN TOOLS 3247
2 OTC 7162 small 7” Pry Bar ,Rolling Head Lady Foot
Matco Tools Adjustable Pry Bar With Hook IDEXPB48
2..vintage =Craftsman= pry bars "underlined" Line-Up Tools
3 Piece Tekton LSQ42103 Angled Tip Handled Pry Bar Set; 12", 17", 25"
New PROTO Forged High Carbon Steel Alignment Pry Bar 18 In J2120 Black Stanley
Lady Foot Pry Bar,Hardnd and Temprd Stel MAYHEW 60150
Pry Bars,48 In. L,1-1/2 In. W,Black DOMINATOR 40160
Pallet buster - Skid dismantling tool - DIY pallet recycling tool - Made in USA
Snap-On Striking Pry Bar Set 18" 30" 48"
Stealth Diggers Pack tool 6 inch EDC pry bar digging USA Made metal detecting
2pc Crow Bar Pry Bar Flat Bar Nail Puller Paint Lid LIfter Trim Steel 12" 10"
Peter Atwood G3 Mini Keyton Stainless Steel NEW with bag and card
Napa PBH7 7" Pry Bar With Handle USA
Wilde 36" Hard Cap Pry Bar Hammer Strike Handle Made in USA HPB20-28
Wilde Steel Pry bar Holder Rack 6 Slot Pegboad Compatible fit Craftsman Mayhew
Stanley Proto J2125 30" Aligning Pry Bar
New 7.5" Mini Flat Pry Bar - Steel * US FREE SHIPPING *
Pallet Buster Tool Head Deck Wrecker Heavy Duty Steel Head by U.S Solid
Stealth Diggers Extractor tool 8 Inch EDC pry bar survival camp USA made
3 Curved Pry Bar Set Carbon Steel Crowbar Nail Puller Chisel 8,12,17" Heavy Duty
Enderes Fencing Tool Staple Puller Wedge 5/8” Cold Chisel Pry Bar MADE IN USA
44" Pallet Buster Pallet Pry Bar Deck Dismantling Tool + Nail Puller Crowbar
Wilde 17" Hard Cap Pry Bar Hammer Strike Handle Made in USA HPB12-12
GearWrench 82248 48" Extendable Pry Bar
Stanley FMHT55009 FatMax 10" Molding Bar
Pinch Bars,Connecting Bar,30 In. L KLEIN TOOLS 3245
Pinch Bars,Pinch Point Bar,60 In. L TRUE TEMPER 1174300
OEMTOOLS 25317 8mm and 10mm Brake Bleeder Wrench
Mayhew 61366 5 Piece Dominator Curved Pry Bar Set
Pinch Bars,Connecting Bar,30 In. L KLEIN TOOLS 3248
Wonder-Bar II, 7-1/2" STANLEY 55-045
Pry Bars,Alignment Pry Bar,60 In. L MAYHEW 40024
Kobalt 8-in, 12-in, 16-in, 18-in Pry Bar Set Automative Hardware Hand Tools, NEW
RHT Creations Denailer, Pallet Reclaimed Lumber Nail Remover Puller Driver
Napa 3 Pc. Pry Bar Set 7, 12 and 18 inch - USA
Fastcap Knuckel Bender 3 in 1 Simple Door Adjuster Fc.Knuckle Wrench
12" Hardware Crowbar Tool Garage - Straight And Curved Ends
Demoltion Wrecking Pry Bar Overhaul Forcible Entry NY Hook Firefighter Fork Tool
MAYHEW SELECT 66302 4PC PRYBAR SET 8", 12", 18", 24"
Dewalt 10 inch Claw Bar Nail Pry Puller Remover Pulling Digger Tool Lightweight
Hyde Pry Bar/Scraper
Lot of 2 Klein Tools 30" Hex Connecting Pry Bars Alignment Bolt Hole Steel End
Used Estwing PB-18 Pry Bar Construction Nail Puller hand 18" inch Steel
DEWALT 42" Wrecking Bar DWHT55132 New
Shark Corp 21-2220 8-Inch Prybar and Nail Puller
Dalluge Tools 4280 11" Nail Puller
Japanese Style Nail Puller,7-7/8 In. L VAUGHAN BC8
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Bar gear gets swanky, just in time for New Year's Eve
Home beer and spirit-making have become popular ... consider giving an old nightstand or tray table new life as a miniature bar. Hit flea markets and junk yards for salvaged tool trolleys, medical supply carts or old microwave stands and spiff them up ...
Stanley's FatMax Fubar II: A More Compact Demolition Tool
The best tools are the ones you want—no, need to own, no matter how little use you have for them. Stanley’s Fubar II ($30) is that kind of tool. The original Fubar (which stands for functional utility bar, but is clearly referencing the more ...
7 High-Tech Online Gardening Tools to Plan the Perfect Garden
These seven online garden planners help you pull together the perfect plot while offering tips on spacing, planting times, and harvest yields. Read through to find the one that's ... pre-planned plots from Gardener's Supply, and choose the theme that ...
Danville police say suspected burglars had pry bar, cutting tools
but a suspicious sergeant knew better when he found them carrying a pry bar and pipe-cutting tools. The men, John McGregor, 26, of Lewis Lane, Hampstead, and Ryan LaPlante, 32, of 13 Maple St, Derry, were arrested outside the home at 228 Sandown Road and ...
Cocktail time: 12 essential tools for your bar cart
Also nice: A vessel to hold the pestle and other tools to keep them handy and tidy. That's where you can employ that souvenir pint glass. 9. Cocktail napkins and bar towels. Going with a swank menswear theme? Cut your own napkins from outdated dress shirts.
Top 12 Demolition Tools to Tear Up the House
When we sought him out for some hard-charging advice, Scott Langford of Big Dog Demolition rattled off his favorite job-site hand tools about as quickly as he knocks out a sheet of drywall: "We got hammers, Wonder Bars, pry bars, crowbars."