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Bosch BT150 Tripod For Laser Level Camera Detachable Mount Base NEW BT 150
General Tools 822 5-Inch Digital Angle Finder
Thickness Gap Metric Filler Feeler Gauge Measure Tool Steel 32 Blade 0.02 to 1mm
Dial Gauge Angle Finder Magnetic Protractor Free Shipping
iGaging 14" Digital Protractor Goniometer Miter Gauge Electronic Angle Finder
Build a potting bench this spring
We are gearing up for gardening and outdoor living projects, and we can't wait to see yours. If you have an amazing gardening or home improvement project that ... they provide a place to keep garden tools organized but handy. Potting benches can be built ...
Floral decoration for a housewarming party
Let your home decor take centre-stage or dress it up with rainbow colours, spangles, lights and flowers, say experts from leading flower retailer Ferns N Petals. You can never go wrong with floral decoration. A popular decoration tool ...
International Home and Garden Show
themes and home remodeling tools, state of the art eco-friendly products and accessories. The 2013 International Home and Garden Show and Successful Gardening Show will feature the industry’s most renowned specialists making up more than 50 seminars ...
Columbia home and garden calendar
24, or aposner@historiccolumbia.org HGTV Dream Home Tour: Take a tour of the 2013 ... (803) 785-2600 Springtime at the Garden Festival: Get garden ideas; shop for plants, tools, jewelry, garden art and other items from more than 40 vendors ...
International Home & Garden Show arrives early this spring
Since founding the International Home and Garden Show in 1987 ... offer keeners the chance to get a seasonal head start by stocking up on bulbs, seeds, tools and garden decor. Popular gardening personalities such as Frankie Ferragine (Frank Flowers ...
Big Horn 19062 20 Inch Plastic Contour Gauge
Milwaukee 48-22-3100 INKZALL Black Fine Point Marker 36 pk
General Tools 842 Precision Pencil Compass Scribing and Marking Tool
Tajima Plumb-Rite Magnetic Plumb Bob PZB-400 New
Checkpoint Ultra Mag G3 Level Blue (#0315B)
IRWIN Magnetic Angle Locator & Protractor Blue CHN 1794488
Dovetail Marking Jig Marker Solid Brass 1" Thick Slopes 1:5 & 1:8 DTSB5-8
New 6" Carbide Scribe MARKING Etching Measuring Tool on Metal Glass
iGaging DigiAlign Alignment Tool for Table Saw Jointer Drill Press Router
Stabila 37532 78" and 32" Jammer Set (New in Package)
4 Piece Cabinet Scraper Set Different Thicknesses 2 1/2" x 5" CSx4HCS
TR Industrial Measuring Wheel Walking Tape FX Series Collapsible 9999FT ACCURATE
Tire Tread Depth Gauge Metric Standard Measures 32nds & 25mm Car US SHIP
SWANSON AlwaySharp Mechanical Carpenter Pencil (CP216) Refillable NEW
New DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer with Pouch and Batteries
Calculated Industries Center Mark 8110 Drywall Cut Out Tool
DEWALT Distance Measurer Cross-Line Laser Level Mod DW03050
ABN Contour Gauge Duplicator 10 Inch
Big Horn 19251 8" precision compass Pencil Holder/ Divider scriber marking tool
Heavy Duty 12" Wing Divider Compass for Layout Work in Wood Metal Plastic
General Tools 837 Six (6) Inch Contour Gauge / Gage with Stainless Steel Pins
JOHNSON LC48 Case,Level,48 In
Thickness Gap Metric Filler Feeler Gauge Measure Tool Steel 17 Blade 0.02 to 1mm
Clifton (Made in UK) Cabinet Scraper Set with Gooseneck, Rectangle & Curved
New Heavy Duty 12" Locking Wing Divider Compass Measure Wood Metal Plastic
Dasco Pro Giant-Circle Beam Compass Drawing Circles Large Small Measuring Design
Thingamejig Precision Tools SC-IM Scribing Tool
DeWALT 25 ft. and 16 ft. Tape Measure (2-Pack) DWHT74441
DEWALT 48 in. Carbon Fiber Level Very High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
Craftsman 12-Inch Stainless Steel Combination Square Measuring Hand Tool 939567
Digital 6" Inside Groove Vernier Caliper Ruler Micrometer Gauge Indicator
Unique Stainless Steel Stairwell Stair Making Tread Bevel
Trim-Loc Bench Dog Casement Molding Trim Install Tool - Stock #10-016
JOHNSON LEVEL Magnetic Protractor & Angle Locator ABS USA 700
Flange Wizard Radius Marker 72805 Medium Circle Marker
Hang and Level The Picture Hanging Tool Magic Picture Hang
Dial Gauge Angle Finder Magnetic Protractor Free Shipping
PITTSBURGH, Digital Angle Gauge, BATTERIES INCLUDED, P/N: 95998, NEW:)
Checkpoint Ultra Mag G3 Level Red (#0315R)
Swanson SVE960 96-Inch Savage Straight Edge, Non-marring, Anodised and
General Tools Precision Pencil Compass Scribing & Marking Tool -842-F.shipping
Garlick Flinn Concave / Convex 4 Piece Profile Cabinet Scraper Set
Dewalt Laser DW08801 Cross Line Laser
Husky 5 Inch Digital Angle Finder 1001 389 615
Tr Industrial Measuring Wheel With Carrying Bag
Brand New Aerospace 0-2" Dial Indicator Reading .001 Lathe Precision Tool
Checkpoint U6 Standard Level Red (#0600R)
Klein Tools 6 in. Electrician's Level Machined Billet Die-Cast Aluminum Design
CH Hanson Retractable Pencil Pull (10570) - NEW
IKEA Drill Template Useful in Mounting Knobs & Handles FIXA
Milwaukee 48-22-3104 INKZALL Black Fine Point Marker (4 PK)
Hang and Level Tool The Picture Hanging Tool Magic Picture Hang Tool
Scribing Tool (Simple Scribe,Level,pencil) 2 Pack,Woodworking,Flooring,Fitting
6 PC Measuring & Layout Set Calipers Divider Ruler Vernier Depth/Angle Gauge New
200MM Electronic Protractor Digital Goniometer Angle Finder Miter Gauge Ruler
Empire 48 In. Soft Side Level Case with Outer Pocket (24 In. Level) Heavy-Duty
TileRight TR0004 Measure Right Pro 10-Inch to 17-Inch Tile Setter Template
Empire 48 in. Aluminum Straight Edge Ruler Heavy-Duty Hand Tool Easy Reading New
Starrett PR1224W Protractor Head
Klein Tools 5FW10025 4-Inch Fox Wedge, Steel
Checkpoint Levels Professional Torpedo Level Belt Case (#1399)
Hang and Level The Picture Hanging Tool Hot hang & level Tool
Stabila 70T DIY Vertical and Horizontal Torpedo Spirit Level 25cm 9.85 Inch
General Tools 24 Stainless Steel Fractional Drill Bit Gauge 1/2" to 1/16"
6 Inch Precision Pencil Compass / Scriber and marking tool - ADP-5644
CH Hanson 3040 / 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder with Level and Plumb Function
Sturdy Plastic Treads Template Risers Stairs Remodeling Accurate Plates Clamps
Dasco Pro 1405 Giant Circle Beam Compass with Rod, 12-Inch
Hand Dovetail Marking Marker Layout Jig Marker Tool
Big Horn 8" Caliper Divider Set lathe wood working shop measure layout turn DIY
Marking Gauge 6 Inch Wood Hand Woodworking Tools - AGM-5175
General Tools 837 Six (6) Inch Contour Gauge / Gage with Stainless Steel Pins
Stabila 30003 Nylon Case for 10 inch Torpedo Levels
Empire 72 In. Aluminum Straight Edge Ruler Easy To Read Inch Scale Graduations
Polycast 320 Straight Edge Bubble Stick With Level and Plumb Vials, 48" L
PITTSBURGH 96440 - Locking Wing Divider 12 in. - Hand Tools - Crafts - Compass
New General Tools 842 Pencil Compass/Scriber Heavy Duty Carpenter Quality *
SHINWA 150mm measurement moulage gauge ruler form contour model 77970 JAPAN
General 16ME Multi-Use Rule & Gauge
Milwaukee 48-22-3104 INKZALL Black Fine Point Marker (4 PK)
Flange Wizard universal tape holder 89754
Black & Decker Stud finder - SF100
6" Inch Contour Gauge / Gage with Stainless Steel Pins
Dial Gauge Angle Finder Magnetic Protractor Free Shipping
C.H. Hanson 8 in. Pivot Square Roof Construction and Framing Locks in Angles
Dial Bore Gage Gauge 0.7" - 1.5" Engine Cylinder Indicator Precision GRAD .0005"
Dial Indicator, Magnetic Base & Point Set tool setup runout gauge shop table saw
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Simple Garden Tool Rack
If you need a place to store your rake, shovel, and other implements of home ownership you could of course buy a commercial solution but two boards, a saw, and a bit of free time will yield a surprisingly effective tool rack at almost no charge if you ...
Gardening books that will keep you growing
Today's recommended gardening books, chosen by Master Gardeners from the many titles published this year, offer great tips and illustrations for both seasoned and novice Bay Area gardeners: "Native California Landscape: The Homeowner's Design ...
7 High-Tech Online Gardening Tools to Plan the Perfect Garden
Is your dream a Tomato Sauce Garden...or the White House Garden? Or are you still embarrassed about last year's patch -- the one where the lettuce crowded the carrots, the green beans spilled over into the cucumbers, and the edible flowers edged out the ...
High-tech tools for indoor urban gardening
While they may be very bright and effective for growth, they also use a lot of electricity to run, so they don't make the most financial sense for a small indoor garden. Fluorescent lighting is another option for indoor growing, and it can be as simple as ...
Home Remedies for the Garden
Author Sharon Lovejoy shares her tips on using household items to help prevent bug infestations and solve other garden problems. Bounce those bugs right out of your garden with a long-handled spatula or spoon. Go outside early in the morning with your ...
Out in the Yard with Master Gardeners: More favorite garden tools
A short handled, round point shovel is one of several favorite tools for ... hostas and other perennials.” A forked tip helps remove weeds. Many garden knives come with inch markings on the face of the blade. Email your home garden and lawn ...